activist afternoons

With the 2024 elections looming large, a group of political activists is relaunching “Activist Afternoons” with a launch party on Sunday, January 7 at the St. James Church, 1991 Mass. Ave., Cambridge. REGISTER HERE

Activist Afternoons was a highly popular event for three years that had to close down during the pandemic.  As a non-partisan venue, it offered volunteers an avenue for political advocacy.

The space will allow volunteers to make phone calls, write postcards and other activities focused on promoting civic engagement and social justice across the country. The launch event will provide an opportunity to meet fellow activists and organizers and make plans to have an impact in 2024.

Going forward, Activist Afternoons will be on the first and third Sundays in the same location. “These actions make a difference as we have seen in elections from Florida to Kansas, North Carolina and Georgia.  The stakes could not be higher and people here want to get involved,” said Lili Allen, lead organizer of Activist Afternoons.  “We are excited to offer this space to a range of activist groups ranging from Swing Blue Alliance to Progressive Mass to 350 Mass.  Volunteers will be provided with everything they need to take action each Activist Afternoon.”    

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